How much is Insurance For A New Driver in Ny?

how much is insurance for a new driver in ny

Finding auto insurance for young and new driver is challenging. This is so, because young and new drivers are included in high risk driver. Auto insurance companies always charge those drivers with high premium rate because of some reasons. Young and new drivers are regarded as high risk because they are not experienced in driving. People who are not experienced will be risky to accidents and other violations in the street. In addition, drivers with young age are considered to have unstable emotional conditions. This makes them risky to some hardship in the roads that require deep concerns and also high quality emotional control.

However, those who are considered new drivers by the auto insurance are not necessarily people with young age. Some new drivers are those who have just got their driving license. So, they are actually experienced but have just register for a legal license. So, how much is insurance for a new driver in ny? New York is one of the states with the highest insurance premium rates. New York is a city with high life standard and high risk as well. When the auto insurance rate for standard driver is already high in New York, how much will it be for the new driver? For common drivers with low risk, New Yorkers can pay starting from $17 for monthly payment and through the right service, they can save a lot. But the rate will be much higher than that for the high risk drivers.

Here are what we need to know about the auto insurance in New York. New York auto insurance is necessary for all drivers in NY because of some reasons.

  1. All drivers in New York have to own up to date insurance that passed the qualifications standard and offer standard coverage that is stated by federal law. Even the auto insurance should be selected well in this state. People cannot just get insurance for their auto and drive comfortably. They need to purchase auto insurance that is issued by qualified companies. The coverage should meet the standard that is stated by the law so when anything happens in the street, the drivers and the victims will get a proper cover and financial protection.
  2. It is dangerous to have no auto insurance in New York. The drivers will not be protected, of course, but more than that, auto insurance is necessary so drivers can drive with no legal problems. All drivers must have the auto insurance with up to date status because it is one of the documents that will be checked when the drivers are pulled over by the police. When traffic violations occur, drivers will face the risk of fines and many other penalties if they cannot show their updated auto insurance proof. So, the drivers will need to always get ready with the proof of their auto insurance. Even if the drivers are not at fault, police officers will give them tickets if they cannot show reliable car insurance ID cards.

“New York is No-Fault Insurance State”

How much is car insurance for a new driver in ny? The premium rate of new drivers and young drivers pay to the auto insurance in New York will be worth it because New is no fault insurance state. It means, people will get a total coverage in case car crash or other incident occurs. This type of auto insurance is intended to give covers from the car repair cost, medications and anything that help the drivers and passengers to get back to their normal activity. For those who are students, this insurance will help to get back to their college after an accident. Meanwhile, those who are workers can get back to work as quickly as possible even if the drivers are the at fault driver in a traffic accident. Personal Injury Protection is an obligatory no-fault coverage in New York. Therefore, the premium rate for high risk drivers is higher. New drivers and young drivers need to pay at least $25 monthly for that no-risk auto insurance coverage.

How much is car insurance for a new driver in New York and can we make it cheaper?
New York law obliges that young drivers should be at least 16 years old to apply for the learner’s permit. The permit is also hard to get because the teens have to take a written test and pay for the application fee. The driving supervision will be six months or 50 hours for the teens to get the permits. The driving hours will include 15 hours at night times before the teenager driver can get a driving test. As they pass the test, they can get a junior license and so they also need to have auto insurance with their name on the ID card. For a fresh and new driver like those teenagers, the auto insurance premium rate will be higher; it might be higher than the rates for new drivers who are old in age but new in driving license.

Auto insurance in New York covers Personal Injury Protection that covers:

  1. Medical, health treatments, and rehabilitation cost
  2. A compensation of a portion of earning that a driver lost for being unable to work due to an accident. The compensation is for up to three years.
  3. Death compensation.
  4. Household expenses and benefits.

Now, let’s check the liability minimum coverage of auto insurance in New York:

  1. $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident for bodily injury cover
  2. $10,000 for property damage
  3. $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident for uninsured bodily injury
  4. $50,000 for basic personal injury protection

How much is insurance for a new driver in ny? The answer might vary but the rate is never too expensive because it will give a responsible covers for many needs. Auto insurance is definitely important for though no driver want to suffer from car crash or auto theft. For young drivers, the auto insurance is way more important because they are risky in driving in busy New York streets.

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