Can You Insure A Car Not in Your Name?

Can You Insure A Car Not in Your Name

Auto insurance is definitely essential because roads are never secured. First of all, we need car insurance for helping us with a financial cover once our car needs repaired due to car crash and other unwanted situations. Besides, we also need to get insurance for giving us hands in case we need a rented car when we suffer from an accident. Though dealing with car insurance claims and coverage issues is never easy, we still need to have reliable car insurance so we can drive our car with peace. Many car insurance reviews say that the economy is tough in 2017 and thus the risk of liability is getting harder to get covers. In most cases, to get insurance coverage is not easy because we do not comprehend our own policy. Even if we hire a lawyer to help us getting a fast respond, still the solution is not the best solution for the hard situation. However, professional car insurance will never play unfair. As long as we follow the rules and know the policy, we will be able to get an instant cover that gives huge benefits. Even, we can get a rental car without worrying the funds because our insurance or the at-fault insurance will pay for the rents. Yet, some problems occur when we want to get a car that is not registered in our name insurance quote. Can you insure a car not in your name? Here are the answers:

Show the Insurable Interest

The problem of finding insurance that is not registered in your name is in the way that you cannot show that you have an insurable interest on the car. Someone who is not on the registration is regarded to have nothing to lose when the car is totaled. This makes is hard to get reliable car insurance. Trusted car insurance requires the customers to be named as the driver on a legal registration instead of the owner of a car. If something goes wrong in the traffic, drivers can be covered if they pay the premiums for such insurance but still the insurance will be legalized for the owner of the car.

Many insurance companies will suggest you to do this if you want to get insurance for a car that is not in your name.

** If the car is your child’s, you will be required to get a new registration. This procedure is common and safer to deal with. That way, the car will have two registered owners.

** For a car that is owned by someone that is not related, to reregister for double ownership is also helpful; even if the person does not live at the same address.

Therefore, the problem is as simple as to show the insurable interest and the registered name. We can still get insurance for the car even if we are not listed legally as the driver. We can simply get a quote and pay the insurance regularly. However, the insurance will not provide benefits if something occur to the drivers during a car crash. This is so, because we are just the benefactors of the insured cars. This will be fine if we do not want to take much for protecting us as the driver and want to only protect the car. This tactic will not be troublesome until something changes in the relationship of the real owner and the driver. So, can you insure a car not in your name? The answer is yes but the benefits are not that much.

The problem of getting insurance for a car that is registered to someone else often occurs because many people buy used cars that are already listed as the original owner’s. Besides, many families let the grown-up child drive the car and still want to pay for the insurance to get a protection. If we have already existed insurance policy for our car, we can simply add the car in our account to get better security and covers.

Can you insure a car not in your name safely?

However, there are always flaws in the idea of adding a car in the same car insurance policy. Besides, not every company allows their customers to do so because there will be nefarious reasons for adding a car into existing insurance. We need to get reliable insurance company that can help us with this problem. Sometimes, we may need to use the online free insurance quote tool for searching the best service that can provide a good benefit that we need. Additionally, we have to be sure that the company that we trust has a good comprehension in the case of buying insurance on a car that we don’t posses.

Can you insure a car not in your name through the online insurance quote services?

We can actually find the quote both online and off line. But we should know the essential rules for it. Once we insure the car at an insurance company, we will receive vehicle identification number. That means the covers will be for the policy holders and not for the person who owns the car. Therefore, the insurance rates might increase due to several reasons. For instance, if the driver of the added car is not so good in driving or has a bad record on bad driving, the insurance rates will be higher. Besides, if the drivers are included at under 27 year old- drivers, the rates can also be more expensive. If we only want to cover the car, we do not need to add the drivers to the policy, yet if it is essential to also protect the drivers, we can add the driver’s name on the policy with the risk of paying a higher rate.

Can you insure a car not in your name with non-owner insurance policy? It is a limited policy of car insurance that permits the policy holder to drive other cars and still get covers in case a regular accident occurs. If the drivers are qualified for non-owner insurance, they can purchase a separate policy which will be more beneficial.

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